mQuvée – fully integrated wine coolers

We offer you the unique option to cover your wine cooler with your own cabinet door. A modern solution that gives you a clean and cohesive appearance in your kitchen! All our wine coolers have a very low noise level and energy rating A. Invest in a fully integrated wine cooler from mQuvée!


mQuvée fully integrated wine cooler - WineStore 78 (W: 59,5 x H: 82/89 x D: 57 cm)

Integrate your wine cooler with the rest of your kitchen! Revolutionary and fully integrated wine cooler from mQuvée. This wine cooler comes with a "technical door" and completely integrated pivot hinges. This means that you can install a cabinet door on top of the wine cooler door – a modern and smart solution! The installation is simple and doesn’t take more than 30 minutes, you only need a cabinet door. The wine cooler comes with elegant features such as wooden shelves, space for 50 bottles and with energy rating A+. The perfect wine cooler for your home!

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