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Wine coolers and wine cabinets from

We offer wine coolers, wine cabinets and multifunction cabinets of varying sizes for all requirements! Our quality wine cabinets accommodate 12 to 300 bottles and are fully equipped to safely store and keep all your wines. We deliver to your doorstep all over England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. At, we only sell original products from well established brands such as mQuvée, Cavin and many more. We offer full national coverage with regards to service. Please read our buyers guide to purchases if you are unsure of what product would best suit your needs. If you have any questions please contact our customer service, we are happy to help!

Built-in wine coolers - our quietest running units!

Winestoragecompany strongly recommends – our quietest running units! Fittable wine coolers with stainless steel door and a compressor free of vibrations. Simply slot in the smaller units underneath your kitchen worktop or place the biggest unit in kitchen cupboard, to complete the task! All our wine coolers, apart from the smallest unit, have two adjustable temperature zones, which enables you to store ready-to-serve white and red wines in the same fridge! The exclusive seamless door design and wooden shelves result in a stylish exterior – which unit would suit your home best!

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Cavin - Built-in wine cooler with 800 mm high door

The Cavin 800 is the ideal wine cooler if your kitchen cabinet doors are 800 mm high. The wine cooler has been designed specially for the UK market and fits perfectly in a kitchen from suppliers such as IKEA. With its unique door height and stylish design, this wine cooler creates a contemporary look in your home.

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Integrated wine coolers - mQuvée WineMaster

Integrated wine coolers in stainless, black or white design. The wine coolers come in the sizes 28-81 bottles and are available with 1, 2 or 3 temperature zones. Here you can safely store your wine bottles and serve them at the right temperature with the prefect dinner!

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mQuvée - Built-in wine cooler with 700 mm high door

Here you find all our integrated wine coolers with a 700 mm high door – customised for the brittish market. A wine cooler with 700 mm high door gives the kitchen a cohesive appearance and fits with the other cabinet doors. A must-have in the modern Scandinavian kitchen! The wine coolers have a very low noise level.

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Free-standing Wine Cabinets - WineStore

WineStore from mQuvée is the wine cabinet for the true wine enthusiast. Let your wines rest safely on genuine wood shelves manufactured in Sappeli and keep track of the contents of the cabinet with the help of the elegant wine sheet on the inside of the wine cabinet. All wine cabinets are equipped with the unique opportunity to adjust the cabinet’s humidity and are available in the size up to 474 bottles. A good wine deserves to be stored in a wine cabinet from mQuvée!

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Built-in wine coolers - Black Collection

All black wine coolers with exclusive wooden shelving for that superior extra touch! Perfect for installation underneath your kitchen worktop surface but equally suitable as a free-standing unit. A recent addition to our product range is the wine cooler featuring pull-out shelves which gives your kitchen a cool and modern feel!

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mQuvée - Modern series

Show off your wines with a trendy wine cooler from mQuvée! The door has a combined finish in both black and stainless steel for a stylish match in the modern kitchen. Choose between a stand-alone, integrated or even a built-in unit, according to your requirements. The wine coolers are silent, come with wooden shelves, and have a carbon filter to keep unpleasant odours away from your wines.

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mQuvée built-in wine coolers - powder white

Our built-in and white wine coolers from mQuvée with the finish ’’powder white’’ give you a very exclusive and matte look. The doors feature a seamless door, which means the door doesn’t have any joints. Choose from various sizes and many different functions and features. All wine coolers, except our smallest unit, have 2 temperature zones, allowing you to store ready-to-serve white and red wines in the same cooler!

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mQuvée – fully integrated wine coolers

We offer you the unique option to cover your wine cooler with your own cabinet door. A modern solution that gives you a clean and cohesive appearance in your kitchen! All our wine coolers have a very low noise level. Invest in a fully integrated wine cooler from mQuvée!

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Built-in wine cabinets with space for 90-180 bottles

Stylish and lockable wine cabinets from mQuvée that easily can be built in or used as a free-standing units. They comes with wooden shelves, has space for 90-180 bottles.

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Free-standing wine coolers mQuvée - WineExpert series

WineExpert is stylish and modern wine coolers from the European brand mQuvée. mQuvée has for years specialized in wine and its storage - you can therefore be sure that your wine bottles stored under optimal conditions. The wine coolers have UV-protected glass door, vibration-free compressor and extendable wooden shelves in the book.

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Artevino wine cabinets and multifunctional wine cabinets

Energy efficient wine cabinets and multifunctional wine cabinets from French Artevino. French Artevino are specialists in wine storage and has since 1996 delivered high quality wine storage solutions to wine lovers worldwide. All cabinets are equipped with carbon filters, solid wooden shelves and lock. Space for 98-230 bottles.

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Free-standing wine cooler - WineExpert Black Edition

mQuvée WineExpert is stylish and contemporary freestanding wine cooler in black design with glass front. The wine coolers are available in different sizes and comes with ergonomic handle and genuine wooden shelves. The glass door is UV-protected so that you can store your wines in the best possible way.

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Free-standing wine coolers from Severin

Free-standing high quality wine coolers, available in different sizes and designs from Severin of Germany. German high standard quality and user friendly products makes up the philosophy of Severin, which is noticeable when looking at the various wine coolers in this product range!

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Beer Fridges

Beer fridges in different sizes and designs are available here! Showcase and serve your beer bottles well-chilled and always ready-to-serve! We offer high quality beer fridges suited to private home settings as well as for restaurants and pubs. Our beer fridges hold from 110 litres up to 275 litres.

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