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Here you will find wine accessories such as decanters, wine glasses, ice buckets and bottle coolers - all from well-known brands. Please contact customer service if you have any questions as we would be happy to help!

mQuvée Gift set

Exclusive gift set with everything you need to serve your wine in style. The mQuvée gift set contains a corkscrew, an aerator, a champagne cork and a drip stopper in black with elegant cork and wood details.

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Cheese tray Walnut (50 x 20 cm)

Cheese tray - Walnut A solid serving tray of high quality American walnut with a beautiful edge-glued and lively design. Solid chopping board with the dimensions 50 x 20 cm - perfect for bread, cheese and cold cuts - you directly get a luxurious cheese tray to present and serve your guests. The tray has many application areas and is suitable as a serving dish, cheese tray, chopping board or also as an attractive decoration and detail in your kitchen.

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BoxinBag Icebucket aluminum

Small , stylish ice buckets of aluminum , choose between polished or brushed.

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Bottle cooler

Smart sleeve that quickly cools white wine from room temperature to serving temperature. The sleeve is placed in the freezer for at least two hours.

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BoxinBag Icebucket Stainless steel

Classic stainless wine cooler. The wine cooler has a height of 21 cm and a diameter of 21.5 cm. Can be combined with Stand Inox stainless steel.

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Stand Inox Stainless Steel

Stand in stainless steel that fits wine coolers and can be combined with BoxInBag Icebucket stainless. The stand has a height of 64 cm.

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