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The european brand, mQuvée, are specialized in wine and how to properly store it. mQuvée believe that it's important that the wine get the storage that it deserves after leaving the winery. The wine coolers and wine cabinets from mQuvée are therefore always equipped with UV-protected glassdoors, compressor cooling and exclusive shelves made in wood. mQuvée - store your wine to perfection!

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Climadiff is a leading supplier of wine coolers and wine cabinets, offering an extensive selection of good quality and aesthetically pleasing products. The company was founded in Marseille, France in 1997 by wine connosseur Renaud de Barry, a descendant of a wine family dating back to the 16th century. With this experience behind us, we are France's no 1 company when it comes to wine storage.

The difference between Climadiff and many other suppliers is that Climadiff focus on wine coolers and wine cabinets only and therefore have acquired great expertise in this field. Products from Climadiff are carefully thought out in terms of design and functionality and will allow you to safely trust your collection to them as per required. Climadiff and its sister brand, Avintage, have together developed a complete range of products for both ideal and safe storaging as well as in providing the perfect serving temperature for your wine!

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Avintage is the premium collection from Climadiff. The collection has a stylistically clean and strong design, showcasing the very latest in technical innovation in providing a supreme storage solution for your wines. Avintage offers a range of wine cabinets of the highest standard, available only through the best and most highly specialised retailers.

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Artevino is a french brand, specialists in wine- and multifunctional wine cabinets. Since 1996 they have delivered high quality wine storage solutions for wine lovers all over the world. All wine cabinets from Artevino are produced in France.

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Severin is a company which has been developing electrical equipment for over 60 years, with the purpose of making every day life as easy as possible. A combination of German quality standard with ease of use defines what they represent. At Vinkylen.se, you will also find beer coolers on offer fro Severin.

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