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Here you will find other wine accessories such as lava stones, carbon filters and cleaning beads to your decanters. Please contact customer service if you have any questions as we would be happy to help!


mQuvée – Drip protection

This plastic drip protection is made for mQuvée’s built-in and integrated wine coolers. Place the drip protection underneath your wine cooler to avoid water leakage on the floor. Easy to use and easy to clean!

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mQuvée – Telescopic feet for WineCave (4-pack)

Buy mQuvée’s telescopic feet to get the perfect height for your wine cooler! The telescopic feet can be elevated to up to 15 cm and come in 4-pack.

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Labels for Wine 5-pack

Labels designed to easily keep in track of your stored wines. Comes in packs of 5.

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Lava Stones Climadiff

The lava stones absorbs and restores the humidity formed by the condensation water. They have no predetermined lifetime , but should be replaced when they show signs of erosion.

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Wine Labels - 5 pack

An excellent solution for anyone who wishes to get a quick overview of the wines stored on the shelves of their cooler or wine storage cabinet. The labels can be easily placed on the edge of the shelf.
Suitable for all mQuvées wine coolers and wine cabinets with the exception of Winestore 600, 800, 1200, the American Oak, the Prestige Range and the WineExpert units.

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Carbonfilter Climadiff

The carbon filter serves many purposes, including maintain the natural ventilation in the cabinet, prevent foul odors and insects from entering whilst ensuring complete darkness inside the cabinet . The filter should be replaced every year. We recommend original accessories Climadiff.

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mQuvée Carbonfilter

A carbonfilter helps you maintain a natural ventilation in the cabinet and prevents unwanted odors. The filter should be replaced every year.

Fits the models: Winecave, Winemaster, WineServe & WineStore 78, 82 & 177

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