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mQuvée wine cabinet - American Oak 160 Brown (W: 75 x H: 188 x D: 68 cm)

Ståtligt vinlagringsskåp i rödbrun nyans

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A magnificent wine cabinet in solid wood (American oak) with a lovely reddish hue from mQuvée. This wine cabinet provides the right climate for your favourite vintages, which rest securely on the beech wood shelves. mQuvée provide all the criteria for excellent storage of your wine!

mQuvée have throughout the years specialized in wine and winestorage. mQuvée believe that it's important that the wine get the storage that it deserves after leaving the winery. To make sure that your bottles are stored in the best possible way, mQuvée has equipped their wine cabinets with an anti-UV glass-door, compressor cooling and wooden shelves. mQuvée - Store your wine to perfection!

Symbol: Fristående produkt Symbol: Låsbar produkt Symbol: Låg ljudnivå Symbol: Winestorage technology

Product specifications:

• Manufactured in solid wood (American Oak)
• Freestanding wine storage cabinet with a storage surface
• Adjustable temperature (5-20 degrees)
• 12 pull-out wooden shelves (beech)
- 9 Normal
- 2 Presentation
- 1 Display
• Compressor cooler
• Fan-assisted cooling for balanced temperature (interior)
• UV-protected glass door
• Lockable

Other equipment
• Low vibration for perfect storage of your wine bottles
• Automatic defrosting
• Regulated humidity
• ON/OFF button for power
• White LED light on the inside of the door, with ON/OFF button
• Digital display for temperature (blue)
• Display for control of temperature and humidity
• Low/high temperature alarm
• Open door alarm
• Fan-assisted cooling keeps unwanted odours away

Size & Measurements
• Measurements: (Width x Height x Depth) 75 x 188 x 68 cm
• Space for 108 bottles

Technical data
• Voltage: 220-240 V
• Annual consumption: 309.0 kWh
• Noise level: 38 dB(A)
• Power: 115 W
• Climate class: ST
• Weight: 120 kg

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Ståtligt vinlagringsskåp i rödbrun nyans
Vinlagringsskåp med 12 trähyllor av bok
Magnifikt vinlagringsskåp med mässingdetaljer
Display på rödbrunt vinlagringsskåp från American Oak


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