mQuvée built-in wine cooler - WineCave 700 40D Modern (W: 39,5 x H: 80/89 x D:57 cm)

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Finally, a built-in wine cooler with a 700 mm high door! With a total height of 80/89 cm and width of 40 cm, it is perfect for the European market. The wine cooler can easily be built-in under the kitchen counter or be used as stand-alone. With an elegant design, two temperature zones, a seamless door (door without joints), this wine cooler gives a sleek impression. The wine cooler features 5 wooden pull-out shelves and space for 28 bottles.

Symbol: Energy class A Symbol: 2 temperature zones Symbol: Built-in wine cooler Symbol: Low noise Symbol: Winestorage technology

Product specifications:

• Black and stainless steel design
• Can be fully built-in under the kitchen counter
• 2 adjustable temperature zones (5-20 degrees °C)
• 5 pull-out wooden shelves (beechwood)
• Compressor cooling
• Fan-ventilation for a balanced temperature (interior)
• Seamless-door (door without joints)
• UV protected glass door
• Reversible door

Other equipment
• Low vibration for perfect storage of your wine bottles
• Automatic defrosting
• Winter safety system
• Carbon filter for an odour-free environment
• Water container for additional adjustment of humidity
• ON/OFF-button for power
• Adjustable feet (7 cm)
• LED-lighting with ON/OFF-button (white)
• Electronic display for temperature (white)
• Touch-controllpanel
• Alarm for low/high temperature
• Open door alarm

Size & Dimensions
• Dimensions: (Width x Height x Depth) 39.5 x 80/89* x 57 cm) cm
• Space for 28 bottles

Technical data
• Voltage: 220-240 V
• Annual power consumption: 139 kWh
• Power 85 W
• Noise level: 39 db(A)
• Energy label: A
• Climate classification: SN-ST
• Weight: 34,5 kg

* Standard height is 800-870 mm. With mQuvée's telescopic feet, you can elevate the wine cooler up to 930 mm.

Order your telescopic feet here.

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