Avintage Premium Integrated wine cooler - AVI81XDZ (W: 59,5 x H: 123 x D: 55,6 cm)

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For a supremely attractive kitchen, choose this wholly integrated wine cooler from Climadiff’s premium range: Avintage. Intended primarily for those undergoing a kitchen re-fit. The wine cooler can be wholly integrated into the existing kitchen environment, exactly like a built-in oven. This stylish stainless steel wine cooler has 2 temperature zones and 8 pull-out wooden shelves, as well as a display shelf. Space for 79 bottles.

Symbol: 2 temperature zones Symbol: Integrated wine cooler

Product specifications:
• Can be wholly integrated into your kitchen
• Compressor-based cooling (ventilation)
• Space for 79 bottles*
• 2 adjustable temperature zones: 5-18 degrees C
• Black exterior and interior design
• 1 reversible glass door (anti-UV protection), 3-layer tempered glass (grey-tinted), stainless steel frame
• Controlled electronically
• 8 pull-out wooden shelves, 1 display shelf
• White LED-lighting with and ON/OFF-button
• Anti vibration system
• (Width x Height x Depth) 59,5 x 123 x 55,6 cm
• Installation dimensions: 56 x 122,2 x 55 cm
• Thermometer with electronic display (white)
• Voltage: 220-240 V
• Power: 85.0 W
• Annual energy consumption: 245.0 kW
• Energy label: C
• Climate class: N/SN
• Noise level: 39.0 dB
• Weight: 56 kg

*Based on 75cl Bordeaux-style bottles. Please note that using the maximum number of shelves in the wine cooler diminishes its total capacity. Remove the display shelf in order to make room for more bottles (see illustration of wine cooler’s maximum capacity)

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