mQuvée wine cabinet - WineStore 82 Anthracite Black (B: 59,5 x H: 82/89 x D: 57 cm)

mQuvée - WineStore 82 Black

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Revolutionary wine cabinet from mQuvée that can both be built-in under the kitchen counter or stand alone. The wine cabinet has a lockable solid door and elegant features like solid, wooden shelves. With space for 66 bottles and energy rating A+, this is the perfect wine cabinet for your home!

For many years, mQuvée has specialised in wine and its storage. For mQuvée, it is crucial that the wines get the storage they deserve after leaving the vineyard. The wine coolers are therefore always equipped with UV protected glass door, compressor-based cooling system and wooden shelves to store the bottles securely without vibrations – A good wine deserves to be stored in a wine cooler from mQuvée!

Symbol: Energy class A+ Symbol: Monotemperature Symbol: Built-in wine cooler Symbol: Winestorage technology

Product specification:

• Black design (color code: RAL 9005)
• Wine cabinet that can be built-in or stand-alone
• Adjustable temperature (5-20 degrees °C)
• 2 pull-out wooden shelves (beechwood)
• Compressor cooling
• Fan cooling for balanced temperature (interior)
• Seamless door (door without joints)
• Solid door with lock & vertical handle

Other features
• Low vibration for perfect storage of your wine bottles
• Automatic defrosting
• Winter safety system
• Carbon filter for an odour-free environment
• Correct humidity(50-80%)
• Adjustable feet (7 cm)
• Wine labels included
• ON/OFF button for power
• White LED lighting with ON/OFF button
• Digital display for temperature (white)
• Alarm for low/high temperature
• Alarm for open door

Size & Dimensions
• Dimensions: (Width x Height x Depth): 59,5 × 82/89 × 57 cm
• Space for 66 bottles

Technical data
• Voltage: 220-240V
• Annual power consumption: 110 kW
• Noise level: 40 dB(A)
• Energy rating: A+
• Climate class: SN-ST
• Power: 100 W
• Weight: 43 kg

* This wine cabinet comes with 1 sliding shelf and 1 storage shelf. All shelves are removable and should you require another design of your wine cabinet, you are free to remove/add shelves to meet your requirements. Images are for inspiration only. You find more shelves here.

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mQuvée - WineStore 82 Black
mQuvée - WineStore 82 Black
mQuvée  - WineStore 82 Black
mQuvée - WineStore 82 Black
mQuvée - WineStore 82 Black
mQuvée - WineStore 82 Black
mQuvée - WineStore 82 Black
mQuvée  - WineStore 82 Black
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