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mQuvée Built-in wine cooler - WineCave 15S Stainless (W: 14.8 x H: 82/89 x D: 52.5 cm)

mQuvee inbyggbar rostfri vinkyl med 7 flaskor

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Small built-in wine cooler from mQuvée with space for 7 bottles. This wine cooler can easily be built-in under the kitchen counter and is perfect for you with small spaces. With a stylish stainless steel design and a seamless door, this wine cooler will lift your kitchen!

Symbol: Built-in wine cooler Symbol: Low noise

Product specification:

• Stainless steel design (color code c=23, m=17, y=18, k=1)
• Can be fully built-in under the Kitchen counter
• Adjustable temperature zone (5-20 degrees °C)
• Compressor cooling
• Fan-ventilation for a balanced temperature (interior)
• Seamless-door (door without joints)
• UV protected glass door
• Reversible door

Other equipment
• Low vibration for perfect storage of your wine bottles
• Automatic defrosting
• Winter safety system
• ON/OFF-button for power
• Adjustable feet (7 cm)
• Interior LED-lighting with ON/OFF-button (white)
• Electronic display for temperature (white)
• Touch-control panel
• Alarm for low/high temperature
• Open door alarm

Size & Dimensions
• Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) 14.8 x 82/89 x 52.5 cm
• Space for 7 bottles

Technical data
• Voltage: 220-240 V
• Annual power consumption: 135.0 kWh
• Power: 60 W
• Noise level: 39 db(A)
• Energy label: A
• Climate classification: N-ST
• Weight: 18 kg

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mQuvee inbyggbar rostfri vinkyl vinklad till höger
mQuvee inbyggbar rostfri vinkyl öppen dörr
mQuvee inbyggbar rostfri vinkyl med 7 flaskor
mQuvee display inbyggbar rostfri vinkyl
mQuvee inbyggbar rostfri vinkyl detaljbild
Rostfri vinkyl med rostfritt handtag från mQuvée
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