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La Sommelière Multifunctional wine cabinet - VIP315V (W: 70 x H: 193 x D: 71,5 cm) BVID2914

A spacious multicuntional wine cabinet with the possibility to both store and keep your red and white wines at it's correct serving temperature. The cabinet is equipped with UV-protected glass to keep the sunlight away from your precious bottles. This wine cabinet can store up to 315 bottles and have energy class A.

Why is the product sold to a reduced price?
A spacious multicuntional wine cabinet. Returned from a cutomer because the doorhandle is hard to tighten in one of the hinges, nothing that affects the handle more than its a littlebit harder to tighten. Otherwise in very good condition.

Symbol: Energy class A Symbol: Free-standing wine cooler Symbol: Multi-temperature Symbol: Lockable Symbol: Made in Europe

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