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[B-stock] mQuvée built-in wine cooler - WineCave 700 30D Stainless (W: 29,5 x H: 80/89 x D: 57 cm)

Sleek and energy efficient wine cooler from mQuvée in exclusive design and seamless door (door without joints). The wine cooler can be built-in under the kitchen counter but is also elegant as stand-alone. The wine cooler features two temperature zones, carbon filter, 4 wooden pull-out shelves and space for 16 bottles.

Why is this product sold at a discounted price?
This product has been mildly damaged at the warehouse. It has minimal damages such as a dent. The wine cooler is left-hinged and can not be right-hinged. Functionally in brand-new shape and has never been used.

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mQuvée built-in wine cooler - WineCave 187 Powder White (W: 59,5 x H: 177/184 x D: 57 cm)

Affordable tall cabinet from mQuvée, perfect for anyone looking for a larger wine cooler without turning it into a costly affair. The cabinet is adapted for the British market. With a seamless door and a matte white design, this tall cabinet will enhance the standard and make your kitchen perfect! The cabinet features 14 pull-out shelves and space for 123 bottles. 

Symbol: Energy class A Symbol: Built-in wine cooler Symbol: 2 temperature zones Symbol: Winestorage technology

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Climadiff Free-standing Wine Cooler - CV41DZX (W: 49.3 x H: 84 x D: 58.7 cm)

The most popular unit in France! The free-standing wine cooler from the French firm: Climadiff. 2 temperature zones make it easy to store your ready-to-serve red wines in the lower section and your white wines in the upper section. The stainless steel frame gives a stylish impression! Space for 40 bottles.

Symbol: 2 temperature zones Symbol: Free-standing wine cooler

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Avintage built-in wine cooler - AVU23SX (W: 29,5 x H: 82/88,5 x D: 57,1 cm)

Best-seller from French Avintage - Climadiff Premium Collection! Stylish wine cooler with stainless steel details that will look attractive when built-in under thekitchen counter. This wine cooler has space for 21 bottles.

Symbol: Built-in wine coolerSymbol: Energy class A

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Avintage built-in wine cooler - PRO161XDZ (W: 59,8 x H: 182 x D: 68 cm)

Large stainless steel and black wine cooler that can be used both as free-standing or built-in! 2 temperature zones for you to store both red and white ready-to-serve wines in wine cooler. This wine cooler holds 161 bottles.

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Avintage Premium Integrated wine cooler - AV22XI (W: 59 x H: 45,5 x D: 54 cm)

For a supremely attractive kitchen choose a wholly integrated wine cooler. Intended primarily for those undergoing a kitchen re-fit. The wine cooler can be wholly integrated into the existing kitchen environment, exactly like a built-in oven. Space for 22 bottles.

Symbol: Integrated wine cooler Symbol: Energy class A

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