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Here you will find exclusive wine coolers and accessories from our wide range of wine coolers at a good price. Here we sell products from previous years' collections.


mQuvée Integrated wine cooler - WineMaster Exclusive 97T Fullglass Black (W: 59.2 x H: 178.4 x D: 55.9 cm)

New and exclusive! Innovative integrated wine cooler for those who enjoy a variety of different wines! Thanks to this wine cooler’s three adjustable temperature zones, you can cool multiple wines with different serving temperatures all at the same time. White lighting and steel fronts on all 14 wooden shelves create a modern, stylish look, enhanced by smart features including a display shelf on which you can showcase your favourite wines.

Symbol: Multitemperatur

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mQuvée Built-in wine cooler - WineCave 60DD Fullglass Black (W: 59.5 x H: 82/89 x D: 59.6 cm)

A smart and unique wine cooler from mQuvée which is opened by pulling the handle outwards (just like a drawer). This model is completely black and has 5 pull-out shelves and 2 adjustable temperature zones with an interior display. Space for 45 bottles.

Symbol: 2 temperature zones Symbol: Built-in wine cooler

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Avintage Built-in wine cooler - AVU54SXDZA (W: 59.5 x H: 82/88.5 x D: 57.1 cm)

Stylish wine cooler, that can be built-in, with stainless frame and black socle from French Avintage - Climadiffs Premium Collection. 2 temperaturezones and wooden shelves for that extra special! This wine cooler holds 50 bottles.

Symbol: Energy class A Symbol: Built-in wine cooler Symbol: 2 temperature zones

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mQuvée Wine cabinet - American Oak 392 Brown (W: 192 x H: 188 x D: 68 cm)

Enjoy the appearance of this massive wine storage cabinet. It not only creates a fantastic at-mosphere in your home, but also stores your wine to perfection! The cabinet is made of solid wood (American oak) with a maroon tint and has three different compartments where you can set three different temperatures and humidity levels. This wooden wine cabinet from mQuvée ensures that your wines will age well in secure conditions!

Symbol: Fristående produkt Symbol: Låsbar produkt Symbol: Låg ljudnivå Symbol: Winestorage technology

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Avintage Premium Integrated wine cooler - AV22XI (W: 59 x H: 45.5 x D: 54 cm)

For a supremely attractive kitchen choose a wholly integrated wine cooler. Intended primarily for those undergoing a kitchen re-fit. The wine cooler can be wholly integrated into the existing kitchen environment, exactly like a built-in oven. Space for 22 bottles.

Symbol: Integrated wine cooler Symbol: Energy class A

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Avintage Built-in wine cooler - PRO161XDZ (W: 59.8 x H: 182 x D: 68 cm)

Large stainless steel and black wine cooler that can be used both as free-standing or built-in! 2 temperature zones for you to store both red and white ready-to-serve wines in wine cooler. This wine cooler holds 161 bottles.

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mQuvée Integrated wine cooler - WineMaster 59D Powder White (W: 59 x H: 88.5 x D: 56.3 cm)

Clean-lined wine cooler from mQuvée with matte white finish with space for 57 bottles. With two adjustable temperature zones and with six pull-out wooden shelves each, it is perfect for cooling both red and white wine. The wine cooler is silent, in energy class A, and simple to install in your kitchen – just like a built-in oven.

Symbol: Energy class A Symbol: 2 temperature zones Symbol: Built-in wine cooler Symbol: Low noise Symbol: Winestorage technology

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