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mQuvée - WineCave 60DD

With its exclusive black design and two doors that you open by pulling out the handle like a drawer, this is a wine cooler that truly stands out from the rest! The wine cooler can be fully built in, holds 45 bottles and comes with 2 adjustable temperature zones. The wine cooler’s interior features wooden shelves and LED lighting. An exquisite wine cooler to complete the modern home.


mQuvée Built-in wine cooler - WineCave 60DD Fullglass Black (W: 59.5 x H: 82/89 x D: 57 cm)

A smart and unique wine cooler from mQuvée which is opened by pulling the handle outwards (just like a drawer). This model is completely black and has 5 pull-out shelves and 2 adjustable temperature zones with an interior display. Space for 45 bottles.

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