Freestanding wine coolers - Climadiff

Here you will find free-standing wine coolers from Climadiff of France, non-vibration compressor system. Choose between different sizes and with one or two cooling zones – which wine cooler best suits your needs?


Climadiff free-standing wine cooler - CV41DZX (W: 49.3 x H: 84 x D: 58.7 cm)

The most popular unit in France! The free-standing wine cooler from the French firm: Climadiff. 2 temperature zones make it easy to store your ready-to-serve red wines in the lower section and your white wines in the upper section. The stainless steel frame gives a stylish impression! Space for 40 bottles.

Symbol: 2 temperature zones Symbol: Free-standing wine cooler

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Climadiff free-standing wine cooler - CLS52 (W: 49.5 x H: 85 x D: 56.5 cm)

Free-standing wine cooler from French Climadiff with a stainless frame for a stylish and sleek impression. The wine cooler has a temperature zone and holds 52 bottles.

Symbol: Free-standing wine cooler

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