Avintage Wine Cabinets 170-300 bottles

Avintage wine cabinets are intended for experts, fine wine tasters and collectors with the highest of expectations! The wine cabinets are fitted with unique and modern electronics in a stylish design and are exclusively made for long-term storage of your finest bottles. This so that they are allowed to slowly reach full maturity. Fitted with a winter safety system as well as Climadiff's patented Collector-shelves made from Sapelli wood, offers something above the ordinary.


Avintage Wine Cabinet - AV306A+ (W: 70 x H: 183 x D: 71 cm)

Large and luxurious refrigerated wine cabinet from Avintage, the Premium Collection from Climadiff. This cabinet is energy efficient - with an A+ energy label - and has space for 294 bottles.

Symbol: Energy class A+ Symbol: Monotemperature Symbol: Free-standing wine cooler Symbol: Made in Europe Symbol: Lockable

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