Built-in and freestanding wine coolers - Avintage PRO-series

Larger size fittable wine coolers – perfect for integration into higher kitchen cupboard units, but also suitable as free-standing units. The wine coolers are perfect for someone requiring storage space for numerous wine bottles and also who requires ready-to-serve red and white wines at the correct serving temperature. Climadiff is today one of the leading suppliers of wine coolers and wine cabinets, with Avintage as its premium brand. It's a guarantee of ours that having an Avintage in your home will provide a high level of customer satisfaction!


Avintage built-in wine cooler - PRO161XDZ (W: 59,8 x H: 182 x D: 68 cm)

Large stainless steel and black wine cooler that can be used both as free-standing or built-in! 2 temperature zones for you to store both red and white ready-to-serve wines in wine cooler. This wine cooler holds 161 bottles.

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